Roses are blooming in Kyiv’s botanical garden

Wondering what to do and see in Kyiv? The period of flowering of roses has just begun in Hryshko National Botanical Garden located in Ukraine’s capital, according to Segodnya. Now in the Rose Garden you can admire the gently pink variety Therese Bugnet, which was bred in Canada in 1941, it is very cold-resistant. Yellow-white roses varieties Fruhglingsgold are also blooming.

Roses in Hryshko National Botanical Garden
Photo: segodnya.ua

“Park roses are already blooming in our Rose Garden. In total, we have more than 300 varieties, and about 30% are blooming at the moment. All roses will start flowering a little later - in the middle and at the end of June, these are the main two waves. And during this period, all the time something will bloom, ” told the botanical garden’s expert.


To enter the Rose Garden, a person should buy an entrance ticket. If the person has paid for the entrance to the botanical garden, then he does not pay extra for the entrance to the Rose Garden. 


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