Kyiv PASS: when and how the tourist card will operate

The Kyiv PASS service cannot be used today, since it is currently being improved, according 24TV.ua. The updated Kyiv PASS cards will become available to tourists at the end of 2019.


What is a tourist card Kyiv PASS? This is a smart card for tourists, designed in 2017. Then every Kyiv PASS card had a QR code to activate the selected service. There were three types of it: blue for 24 hours, green for 48, orange for 72. At the beginning, they cost from 15 to 35 euros. The cards included two sightseeing tours, 20 visits to Kyiv museums, a one-time trip to the Kyiv zoo, eight visits to artistic galleries, two visits to the capital's night clubs, three subway trips and a system of discounts provided by restaurants, shops, tour operators, which are included in the smart card list.


In April 2019, the developers launched a reorganization of the service.


Unlike the previous one, the new Kyiv PASS card will have:

- updated design;

- include an updated list of locations (the most attractive tourist locations in Kyiv);

- updated locations and system of discounts in restaurants, shops, entertaining establishments;

- an electronic transport ticket. Unlike the previous one, it will give tourists the opportunity to travel in addition to the subway, in land transport  and will have more trips.


With a card you can get:

- entrance tickets to the museums of Kyiv;

- entrance tickets to the Kyiv Zoo and the Kyiv River Port;

- entrance tickets to art galleries in Kyiv;

- a system of discounts provided by partners: catering establishments, shops, souvenir shops, tourist operators, entertaining establishments of Kyiv, etc.