Folk Fashion in Kyiv

The modern meets with the old, the global - with the personal, the shared - with private. The combination of old and new in cultural codes that gives you a sense of belonging and at the same time makes it clear who you are. All of this is folklore, which is defined by the global trend in fashion, design and lifestyle for 2020.

Folk fashion market in Kyiv

Therefore, "Vsi.Svoyi" project decided to hold the market "Folk Fashion", which will collect 250 Ukrainian brands of clothes, footwear and accessories and will focus on "folk". Flax, straw, jute, silk and cotton. Ornaments and embroidery, feathers, wool and ribbons. Lightweight dresses, tunics and ponchos, traditional blouses, aprons, kimonos, robes and more - things that are gathered from all over the world, but made by Ukrainian designers, are ready to give you a true idea of yourself.


Within the framework of the market, a few parties on the balcony will take place.


Date: June 15-17, 10:00 - 21:00.

Address: Desyatynna Str., 12.

Free entrance.