A new mural appeared in Kyiv

Are you a street art photographer? Then we have good news for you. The charming deer with magnolia in the horns decorated one of the walls on the left-bank outskirts of Kyiv, Mykylska Slobidka, according to VechirniyKyiv.

Mural in Kyiv
Photo: vechirniy.kyiv.ua

Kyiv artist Vitaliy Gidevan created the first mural on Mykylska Slobidka. "Sailing through the Dnieper, the Noble Deer seeks only one, to bring to people the importance of ideas that nature is our roots. In the heavy horns, magnolia is blooming and birds live. They sing songs about good people and the restoration of the beauty of the mother of nature ... we still have a chance to correct the terrible environmental mistakes ...,'' the author says.


Address: Mykiysko-Slobidska Str., 6/2