Ukrainians topped the list of the sexiest nationalities in the world

Ukrainians are named the sexiest nationality in the world, according to the travel portal Big 7 Travel survey. In total, this ranking has 50 nationalities. Following the Ukrainians, the second place was taken by Danes, and the third - by the Filipinos.

Mila Kunis Ukraine
Photo: bigseventravel.com

The survey reports that Brazilians, Australians, South Africans, Italians, Armenians, British and Canadians entered the first ten. The French occupied the 12th place, the Spanish - the 16th, the Czechs - the18th. The Russians are on the 33rd, the Germans - on the 44th, Americans - on the 45th. The list of top 50 most attractive nations of the world is closed by the Irish. For ranking, the Big 7 Travel portal interviewed 8.5 thousand respondents with 1.5 million of their users.


"Ukrainians have an impressive appearance and easily won in our 2019 poll. Who can disagree with this? Not surprisingly, so many models come from here ", the authors write about the rating of Ukrainians. As a recognizable example of the representative of Ukraine, the actress of Ukrainian origin, Milla Kunis, was mentioned.


Moreover, it should be noted that participants did not explain the meaning of the term "sexy", so they ranged the nation according to their own interpretation of the word.