"Autumn Wedding" in Pyrohiv

The Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine, known as Pyrohiv or Pirogovo, the largest open air museum in Europe, invites everyone to a traditional Ukrainian wedding, which will take place on 15th September on its territory. Ukrainian customs and traditions are very interesting and diverse, and the wedding is one of the most exciting fest. Traditionally, weddings were celebrated in autumn, mostly after the end of the field works.

Pirogovo museum

"Autumn Wedding" is a great event, aiming to preserve and revive centuries-old traditions and wedding ceremonies. The historically formed customs and rituals of each nation are a valuable cultural heritage, an important source of our knowledge today. The traditional Ukrainian wedding features a rich assortment of folk music, singing and dancing. You'll have an opportunity to enjoy beautiful songs, wedding jokes and treats. The event will bring together the best folk groups from all over Ukraine.


Address: Academician Tronka str., Kyiv. How to get there: bus #507 (from Railway Station), trolleybus #11 (from VDNG metro station).