Ukrainian Museum of Historical Treasures invites to an exhibition of finger rings

Ukrainian Museum of Historical Treasures hosts the exhibition “Rings. Millennium stories of familiar things ”, in which most of the exhibits from the stock collection of the museum are presented for the first time. This is reported by BigKiev. At the exhibition you can admire the work of jewelers from antiquity to the present, hear little-known facts related to the presented finger rings, learn about their creators and owners.

Finger ring exhibition in Kyiv

“The most popular jewelry from ancient times, finger rings, were not only a nice decoration, but also a sign of status, a symbol of power, served as talismans and seals. The rings made of precious metal were worn by representatives of the elite of Ancient Egypt and Sumer, and in our country by wealthy Scythians, Sarmatians, Greek colonists, nomads of the Middle Ages and ancient Rusichs. The rings do not lose popularity in the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. Master jewelers decorate them in fashionable then styles, decorate them with gems and enamels,” the exhibition organizers say.


Date: until December 22, 2019.

Address:  Lavrska str., 9, building 12 (territory of the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra).