Fairy town with elves and the spirit of Christmas will open in Kyiv at VDNG

Traveling to Kyiv with kids? On November 2, a new location called Christmas Dream Factory will begin its work in Kyiv at VDNG. It will be located in the second pavilion, which turned into a fairy town with incredibly realistic scenery. The organizers promise that visitors will plunge into the Christmas adventure and get acquainted with the process of making glass Christmas-tree decorations.  This is reported by the Informator.ua.


According to the legend, only elves, who fulfill wishes from children's New Year's letters, work at the factory. Most of them are simple and material, they are carried out first. But there is a separate room at the factory, where letters with huge dreams, like flying to Mars, meeting with fairy-tale characters, happiness, love, etc., are handled. The foyer of the pavilion will be executed as if it were a festive square of a fairy city. The legend says that elves live and work here. Incredible scenery outside and inside fill visitors with the Christmas spirit. All the workshops of a fairy factory look like real production. Here you can find the office of the elf wizard, and huge rooms with incredible things. At the end of the trip, guests, along with the elf, will decorate a huge Christmas tree, illuminating everything around with bright lights. In addition, everyone will be able to take part in a master class on making decoratins with their own dreams, so that later they can take them home and decorate their own holiday tree. In addition, the Christmas Post will work in a fairy city, where everyone will have the opportunity to send their gifts and a piece of dream to their loved ones.


Date: at weekends, November 2 - December 1, December 7 - January 19.

Address: VDNG, Academician Hlushkov Avenue, 1.