Sophia of Kyiv through the eyes of artists

Every year in September, the Sophia Open Air with a final exhibition is held on the territory of Sophia of Kyiv National Conservation Area, the purpose of which is to preserve the great tradition of drawing from life and drawing architectural monuments in particular, as well as attracting young artists to this practice. Today, November 11, the official opening of the final exhibition has taken place. This is reported by BigKiev.

Sophia of Kyiv

This year 260 artists took part in the open air. Each of the participants in his own way demonstrated compositional approaches to the depiction of architectural monuments or a natural motif. And so every open-air work deserves the attention of the audience. The organizers conducted a preliminary selection and left for the exhibition works representing different age categories, different levels of professional training, various painting techniques and manners, various sights and various compositional approaches to their interpretation.