Where to celebrate Christmas in Kyiv

How do you plan to celebrate Chrismas this year? Do you want to go abroad? Welcome to Kyiv! There are plenty of things to do in the Ukraine's capital at Christmas. On December 14, due to Folk Ukraine, four Kingdoms will appear on Sofia Square, and you will get into a true fairy tale. 

Chrismas in Kyiv
Photo: Facebook\Aleksandr Goncharov

The Kingdom of Taste, where you will try the best food and drink. You can stay here for a long time! Burgers, Munich sausages, kebabs, festive pastries, sweet mulled wine and lots and lots of sweets are all for you.


In the Kingdom of Gifts you will find crafting gifts for the holiday. Hundreds of masters from all over Ukraine are already preparing unique things, so you can surprise your relatives with an original souvenir from the fair!


The Entertainment Kingdom is our fabulous city for children. Here, you will find endless fun, attractions, animators, installations and gifts. Well, okay, adults, if you're still a kid inside, you can also visit it.


The Kingdom of Likes for Insta-stars! Lots of photographic zones will be created on Sophia Square, so that you will get incredible photos. You should free up memory on your phone, as it will be very difficult to select only one location.