The safest countries for tourists in 2020: Ukraine is included in the TOP 100

Ukraine was included in the TOP 100 of the safest countries for tourists in 2020. The country took 83rd place with 56.2 points. This is reported by Poglyad, referring to Insurly. The website has rated the health care system in our country at 64 points, natural disaster risk at 85 points, transportation risks at 60 points, terrorist threats at 24 points.

Carpathian Mountains

A total of 180 countries were included in the rating. Switzerland received 93.4 points out of 100 possible. The country proved to be the safest in terms of transport risks (98 out of 100). This estimate takes into account the number of tourists killed or injured on the roads, as well as the availability of airlines on the European Commission's black list. Singapore received a total score of 92.7. It is Asia's safest natural disaster country (93 out of 100). Third place went to Norway, which scored 91.1 points. The Scandinavian country could claim the top spot, but it was at high risk of violent crime (75 out of 100).