Kyiv's Christmas tree gets into list of most beautiful in Europe

Travel organization European Best Destinations has recently named The Most Beautiful Christmas Trees in Europe. Ukraine's main Christmas tree located at St. Sophia Square in Kyiv has entered the top ten most beautiful Christmas trees and has been ranked seventh. 

Kyiv's Christmas Tree
Picture: www.europeanbestdestinations.com / Kyiv's Christmas Tree

Christmas tree in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius has been named the most beautiful Christmas tree in Europe this year. The 24-meter Christmas tree is made of metal blocks with LED bulbs, mirrors and spruce branches. It doesn't have any toys and small decorations on it. At the second place is the Christmas tree installed in Strasbourg (France). At the third place is the Christmas tree in Prague (Czech Republic). The top five also included Christmas trees in  in Basel (Switzerland), in Tbilisi (Georgia), in Cologne (Germany), in Rome (Italy), in Warsaw (Poland) and Vienna (Austria).