The Terrifying Power of Nuclear Weapons

The Terrifying Power of Nuclear Weapons

The Museum of Strategic Rocket Forces in Ukraine, placed on the territory of former highly secretive missile base, gives a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of Soviet nuclear power.  

We realize how small we are, how pathetically tiny, relative to the horrifying power of nuclear weapons. So much time has passed, and the humanity has made such a giant technological leap. However, there is a thing that hasn’t changed - a human being is still trying to create the most destructive weapon of all times. 

This unique military museum is located on the territory of Ukraine, not far from the town of Pervomaysk. It includes the Unified Launch Command Center (LCC), a silo-based missile launcher, lots of equipment and facilities.

In order to get to LCC, where you have a special chance to press the button and simulate the launch, you need to go through the 150-meter undeground tunnel and go down by the elevator deeper underground to the 11th compartment.

The territory of the base was secretive and highly protected. It had a few levels of security, including barb wire, electric fence of model P-100, mine fields, seismic and motion sensors. 


On the territory you can see administrative and maintenance buildings,  lots of vehicles which were used for different purposes like a missile transporting, putting, pulling and loading.

The former administrative building of the base that was turned into a museum shows the history of the base. Here you can also see the interiors of the 11th and 12th compartments, expositions dedicated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Hiroshima which felt the catastrophic consequences of nuclear explosion by itself.

For more detailed information regarding a missile base tour, please, click here.

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