Ukrainian News · 20. March 2020
Kyiv has risen 22 positions in the ranking of cities in the world in terms of cost of living, which is prepared by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the analytical division of the Economist Group. The cost of living in Istanbul, Boston, Moscow and Bangkok has also risen markedly. This is reported by UNIAN.

Eye care in Kiev
Medicine · 18. March 2020
There are some eye diseases that develop imperceptibly but can lead to complete loss of vision. The example is glaucoma. This is a dangerous disease that can have bad consequences. If glaucoma is not treated on time, vision loss can be irreversible. So, the symptoms should not be ignored, and glaucoma treatment should be started as soon as possible.

Alyona Alyona
Ukrainian News · 17. March 2020
Ukrainian singer Alyona Alyona was included in Forbes magazine's prestigious 30 Under 30 European rating as the most successful rap artist in the country. This Forbes list includes 30 celebrities who, up to 30 years old, have managed to make a powerful leap in their careers.

Ukrainian News · 13. March 2020
The British rock band Coldplay released a video for the song Trouble In Town from the Everyday Life album, a video for which was filmed in Kyiv. The presentation of the clip took place on March 12 on the band’s YouTube channel. This is reported by UNIAN.

Dental care in Kiev
Medicine · 11. March 2020
Absolutely all people are at risk of losing one or more teeth, and the reasons may be different. The older a person becomes, the more health problems he has. Besides, improper oral hygiene can also lead to the loss of teeth. Many people do not know that inflammatory diseases of the gums are very dangerous as well. These may include gingivitis and its more serious stage known as periodontitis, which is incredibly dangerous for the condition of the teeth.

Kiev bridge
Ukrainian News · 11. March 2020
American actor, vocalist of the band Thirty Seconds to Mars Jared Leto posted on his Instagram page a video made during a trip to Kyiv. This is reported by UNIAN. In the video he climbs the Rybalsky Bridge.

Medicine · 09. March 2020
The face of each person is beautiful and unique. But man is so arranged that he constantly strives for perfection. Certain parameters did not bring us satisfaction and lead to low self-esteem. The disproportionate size of the nose often causes dissatisfaction with our appearance. Apart from the aesthetic violation, a bent or deformed nose may also cause problems with breathing. To eliminate them and improve the appearance, an operation is recommended.

Ukrainian News · 08. March 2020
British singer Tom Misch shot a video for his new single What Kinda Music in the Kyiv subway. In the video we can see easily recognizable locations of the Vydubychi metro station. This is reported by BigKiev. He recorded this video together with musician Yussef Dayes. The clip is directed by Douglas Bernard.

Ukrainian News · 07. March 2020
In Chernobyl, several new excursion routes are going to be opened by the beginning of the season. They will also include air travel excursions in Chernobyl exclusion zone. Perhaps, balloon travel will be offered. This is reported by BigKiev.

Lasik in Kiev Ukraine
Medicine · 05. March 2020
Vision is very important for every person. When we don't have an eye disease, we pay little attention to the health of our eyes. But as soon as the acuity of vision begins to fall, we think about how to improve vision without surgery. Most information from the outside world we get through vision. However, there are many lifestyle habits, such as working at the computer or watching TV, which can cause vision problems.

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