Proctology is the medical specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the anus, colon and rectum. Proctologists treat many conditions, including anal fissures, crohn’s disease, colon polyps, colorectal cancer, constipation, diverticulitis, gallstones, hernias, hemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease.

When to see a proctologist

Experts recommend taking regular examinations even when nothing bothers you. Preventing illness is always easier than curing. And if you treat something, it is much easier to do it at an early stage. In addition to reducing the quality of life, proctological pathologies are dangerous for their severe complications.


Anyway, you should visit a proctologist, if you have any of these symptoms: 

  • Pain in the anus and rectum during walking and when sitting for a long time;
  • Blood, mucus, pus that are visible in feces, on linen, on toilet paper;
  • Swelling, "bumps", redness, ulcers, ulcers in the anus, a sensation of a foreign body in the rectum and anus;
  • Itching and burning may occur for a short time, may be permanent;
  • Pain during bowel movements;
  • Frequent constipation, difficulty in bowel movements, frequent bowel movements, diarrhea, incontinence of feces and gases, false urge to defecate;
  • The exit of the rectum;
  • Warts, papillomas, fringes, cracks.

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