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Today, health tourism is on the rise all over the world. A large number of patients are striving to travel abroad for medical care to save money and to combine a visit to the doctor with some sightseeing tours. People go overseas for the purpose of obtaining health care for various reasons: it’s much cheaper, they face with long waiting lists at home, their home country lacks quality facilities or the medical procedures they need are not available or illegal in their own country.

Welcome to Ukraine, if you are seeking medical treatment abroad! Without doubt, medical tourism in Ukraine is booming. We are striving to provide superb medical tourism assistance for foreign patients visiting Ukraine for treatment. As a part of our services, we will help arrange your stay in Ukraine, so you can concentrate on your health. We, at the leading health tourism agency in Ukraine, will recommend you the most renowned Ukrainian health care providers which possess the expertise to offer patients the best medical care, together with their professional and unique service.


We, at UA Destination, the best medical tourism facilitator in Ukraine, aim to offer our health tourism services for those who travel to Ukraine in order to get the high-quality treatment at reasonable prices. UA Destination experts will help you discover where to find the best healthcare in Ukraine, find the best-qualified medical specialists and top healthcare providers, schedule consultations, coordinate appointments and procedures. In addition, our patients have an opportunity to receive preferential access to treatment and to be placed on a priority waiting list. Our experts are capable of delivering the best assistance to medical tourists from around the world, providing them with the airport transfer (arrival and departure), everyday transportation, hotel reservations or finding accommodation based on patient's budget. By the way, language is not a barrier, because we can arrange translators and interpreters, if patients need. It is known that medical travelers in a foreign land often needs support and guidance. So, our patient coordinators intend to provide international patients with five-star medical concierge services. They can help arrange full-time nursing care after the treatment or get physiotherapy care as a part of the post-operative rehabilitation. The experts of the leading medical travel agency in Ukraine do their best to make sure all medical travellers feel comfortable and are well taken care of, while staying in Ukraine for health tourism. Furthermore, international parients, their families and travel companions are sure to enjoy medical vacations in Ukraine if they combine healthcare programs and holiday tours. 

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Why to choose Ukraine as a medical tourism destination

Looking for affordable healthcare in Europe? With the beauty of amazing landscapes, the breathtaking Carpathian mountains and stunning coastlines of the Black Sea and the Azov Sea, for many years Ukraine has attracted guests from different countries. And in recent years, tourists have found another reason to travel to Ukraine. That is medical tourism.


The country can boast of highly skilled healthcare providers that have been arranged in accordance with international standards to provide the best care to patients. Ukraine's medical professionals are well trained and highly qualified. Using the newest techniques and the latest medical discoveries to provide the best possible treatment, the clinics and medical institutions of Ukraine offer a wide scope of medical procedures and services, as well as a range of preventive healthcare programs and rehabilitation. 


The common medical procedures sought by global patients in Ukraine include dentistry, plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation, spa and wellness, proctology and urology.  

Save up to 50-70%!

Medical services in Ukraine are offered at prices dramatically lower than in other countries, and without waiting lists or with very short ones. With savings of up to 50-70 percent of the cost compared to medical treatment in other countries, many travelers from European Union countries, the USA or Canada are choosing Ukraine to get affordable dental work and other procedures. Quite apart from that, there is one more significant advantage: it is easy to reach Ukraine; Kyiv is a 3-hour flight away from most European capitals.


And that is why more and more foreigners are choosing Ukraine as a healthcare destination, pursuing high quality medical treatment, along with reasonable prices. The most popular cities for medical travel in Ukraine are Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia and Odessa, offering an ideal combination of affordable quality care and a perfect vacation spot. So, if you are looking for low cost dental implants, or considering breast augmentation and facelift at reasonable price, welcome to Ukraine!

How to choose the right clinic and doctor

Do you want to find a good dentist or a reliable plastic surgeon, an experienced eye doctor or a highly trained orthopaedic specialist in order to get the best medical care?


The most important thing is to choose the right clinic and the right doctor. Thus, the first step is to gather as much information as possible. We can find out more about the doctor, who should perform medical procedures, and his qualifications, including medical education and degree, certifications and license, special training course and employment history. We will certainly check out treatment as well as aftercare recovery facilities, and certifications of clinics. We will do our best to find out all information regarding safety, malpractice and liability. We will help you to receive quality healthcare selecting a proper medical clinic and doctor. 

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Considering traveling abroad to find affordable health care? Looking for the best and cheapest country to get dental implants in Europe? Choose the best medical tourism company in Ukraine - UA Destination. 



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