Medical Tourism

What is medical tourism? Why is it so popular?

Medical tourism, also known as medical travel or healthcare tourism is getting more popular. A large number of patients are striving to travel abroad for medical care - from dental work to knee surgery - to save money and to combine a visit to the doctor with a vacation. What pushes patients to seek medical treatment abroad? People go overseas for the purpose of obtaining health care for various reasons: it’s much cheaper, they face with long waiting lists at home, their home country lacks quality facilities or the medical procedures they need are not available or illegal in their own country.

Why Ukraine?


The main reason for seeking health care abroad is the cost of medical procedures. In Ukraine you can save 40-70% on your treatment, even after you have paid for your travel and accommodation.

Latest technology

Ukrainian clinics are modern and equipped with the advanced technologies and state-of-the-art  facilities.


Doctors in Ukraine are well-educated and experienced. Most of them constantly continue their professional development, training in the USA or in other countries in Europe. 


Medical travelers  have an opportunity to access medical services that are illegal in their home country (for instance, IVF). Apart from this, you can obtain immeadiate treatment, while your home country can face long waiting lists and waiting times in health care. 

Leisure and tourism

While the main factor for medical tourists heading abroad is affordable health care, the opportunity to visit a new travel destination and enjoy great leisure activities is an additional benefit. Ukraine, the second largest country in Europe, has so much to offer. Kyiv, Lviv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, and more... Every city is unique.

How can UA Destination team help you?

Reliable clinic & right doctor

There're plenty of clinics and doctors in Ukraine offering their services. But how to choose the best clinic or find the right doctor in Kyiv or Lviv? Clinics we collaborate with are located all over Ukraine, including Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv and other cities, and should meet our strict eligibility requirements.

Language barrier

For travelers with little experience traveling to non-English speaking countries, like Ukraine, going abroad for medical purpose can be really stressful. We, at UA Destination, aim to make your stay in Ukraine as comfortable and pleasant as possible, providing you with translation and 24 hour support. 

Travel arrangements

No one knows the country better than a local person. We, the best medical tourism company in Ukraine, will do our best to help you with all your travel things, arranging your entire trip  to Ukraine, including airport pickup, hotel, sighteeing tours and more.

Our medical travel services

Get high quality health care in Ukraine and enjoy your medical vacations in Europe! For more information, please check TREATMENTS