Fertility and Gynecology

Many people want to have children at some period of their life and hope this will happen when the time is right for them. However, of all people who try for children, lots can’t have them. There are many factors that influence our health. Age has a significant impact on our fertility and the potential to have healthy children. Female fertility begins to decline in the early thirties and this decline speeds up after 35. So, women older than 35 and men older than 40 have a lower chance of having a child than people who are younger. In women, menstruation, ovulation, pregnancy and menopause, as well as gynecologic disorders affect reproductive functioning and fertility. But, while most people think age only affects women’s fertility, there is increasing evidence that sperm quality decreases as men age, starting at 45. Thus, male fertility decline is a factor in 30–40% of fertility problems. 


Ukrainian specialists offer professional care for women who face problems such as infertility, pelvic pain, menopause and fibroids. They deal with a wide range of issues, including obstetrics, or pregnancy and childbirth.


Well-woman visits, which are also called gynecological exams, or annual check-ups, are an important part of preventive health care and ensuring women’s physical and reproductive well-being. The cost of Women's Health Program starts from 199 EUR. The Program includes: electrocardiogram (ECG), chest X-Ray, ultrasound of thyroid, abdomen, pelvic and breast, colposcopy laboratory investigation (blood, urine screening and other tests), gynecological consultation, physician consultation, etc.


Our women’s health specialists provide a full range of gynecological and reproductive treatments:

  • assessment of male and female infertility;
  • therapeutic and surgical treatment of gynecological diseases;
  • preparation for ART programs including all possible tests and treatment;
  • IVF, ICSI, including the donor’s programs;
  • cryobank of sperm, oocytes and embryos. 

To see a gynecologist in Kyiv or get more information about reproductive tourism in Ukraine, please contact us.


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