Eye care in Kiev
Medicine · 18. March 2020
There are some eye diseases that develop imperceptibly but can lead to complete loss of vision. The example is glaucoma. This is a dangerous disease that can have bad consequences. If glaucoma is not treated on time, vision loss can be irreversible. So, the symptoms should not be ignored, and glaucoma treatment should be started as soon as possible.

Dental care in Kiev
Medicine · 11. March 2020
Absolutely all people are at risk of losing one or more teeth, and the reasons may be different. The older a person becomes, the more health problems he has. Besides, improper oral hygiene can also lead to the loss of teeth. Many people do not know that inflammatory diseases of the gums are very dangerous as well. These may include gingivitis and its more serious stage known as periodontitis, which is incredibly dangerous for the condition of the teeth.

Medicine · 09. March 2020
The face of each person is beautiful and unique. But man is so arranged that he constantly strives for perfection. Certain parameters did not bring us satisfaction and lead to low self-esteem. The disproportionate size of the nose often causes dissatisfaction with our appearance. Apart from the aesthetic violation, a bent or deformed nose may also cause problems with breathing. To eliminate them and improve the appearance, an operation is recommended.

Lasik in Kiev Ukraine
Medicine · 05. March 2020
Vision is very important for every person. When we don't have an eye disease, we pay little attention to the health of our eyes. But as soon as the acuity of vision begins to fall, we think about how to improve vision without surgery. Most information from the outside world we get through vision. However, there are many lifestyle habits, such as working at the computer or watching TV, which can cause vision problems.

Dental treatment in Kiev
Medicine · 02. March 2020
Everyone knows how important it is to have strong and healthy teeth. And many of us forget about the health of gums. However, gum problems can cause the loss of teeth. Besides, healthy gums are the most important component of a beautiful smile. Inflammation of the gums, which are faced by the vast majority of people, can lead to a lot of problems.

Varicose veins treatment in Kiev
Medicine · 28. February 2020
Varicosis is one of the most common diseases. For many varicoses, these are simply ugly protruding veins on the legs. Meanwhile, if left unattended, it can lead to serious consequences and even disability. Varicose veins, which affect every third woman and every tenth man on the planet, are not just a discomfort and a cosmetic defect. This is a serious condition that can cause blood clots, ulcers and bleeding.

Dental treatment in Kiev
Medicine · 26. February 2020
Dental enamel is the outer protective covering for teeth and the hardest human tissue. Due to the acids, which are released by the bacteria living in the mouth, the enamel suffers from the process of demineralization. As a result, the tooth enamel loses minerals and salts. In order to keep teeth healthy and prevent tooth decay, dentists recommend remineralisation.

Hip replacement in Kiev
Medicine · 24. February 2020
Many patients who have a damaged hip joint are afraid of surgery, thinking that they will not tolerate the anesthesia or recovery will take too much time. Some believe that if you have to lie down for a long period after endoprosthetics, it is unknown if you will be able to walk again. But today patients after such surgery recover faster and begin to walk soon.

Hemorrhoids treatment in Kiev
Medicine · 21. February 2020
Sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and chronic stress, which lead to constipation and excess weight, can cause the development of hemorrhoids. As a result, a person suffers from the pain, bleeding, a constant feeling of discomfort, and even the fear of going to the toilet.

Dental care in Kiev
Medicine · 19. February 2020
Everyone dreams about having a perfect smile, which means a fresh breath, a successful career and a success in love. However, a beautiful smile starts with healthy and white teeth. That is why we all need good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist that will help us maintain healthy teeth and gums.

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