Medicine · 04. February 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has made a significant impact on every aspect of our life. During the pandemic most people are staying at home, as social distancing is necessary to reduce the spread of coronavirus. But this has a negative effect on our physical and mental health. As a result, some people experience stress, anxiety and worry that can destructively affect their quality of life in general.

Blood pressure prevention
Medicine · 04. January 2021
Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is one of the most common medical problems. This is a serious medical condition when the blood pressure in your arteries rises and your heart is forced to work harder than normal to pump blood through the blood vessels. This can lead to a variety of health problems. If your blood pressure is higher than 140/90 mm Hg, you are at higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke. The disease is rapidly progressing, and to control it you should...

Varicose vein prevention
Medicine · 18. October 2020
Today many people in the world suffer from varicose veins. As a result, veins lose their elasticity, change shape and swell. No doubt, this leads to blood circulation problems and irreversible changes in tissues. If you have a parent with varicose veins, you can inherit the disease. Mostly varicose veins develop in the legs. In this case, they are manifested by spider veins on the skin and the appearance of dense venous nodes. Some people consider varicose veins just a cosmetic problem....

Heart treatment
Medicine · 02. October 2020
The heart is a unique organ, and our life depends on its functioning. Each day the heart beats, on average, 100,000 times, and pumps about 7,200 liters (1,900 gallons) of blood. But, unfortunately, a lot of people experience cardiovascular diseases today. This is the name for a group of disorders of the heart and blood vessels. These disorders negatively affect the whole body, and they are considered the main cause of death worldwide. The key to the health of the cardiovascular system involves...

Healthy lifestyle
Medicine · 17. September 2020
Do you want to know how to be healthy? Most people, by and large, do not think about their physical well-being while everything is in order. But as soon as some of them are starting to experience health disorders, they immediately begin to appreciate that health is our responsibility. After all, if there is no health, we cannot enjoy the simple things in life. Besides, it is very important to be healthy both physically and mentally. So all in all, stress, anxiety and fears create many health...

Computer vision syndrome
Medicine · 14. September 2020
Gadgets have become an essential part of our lives. At work we spend long hours in front of computer screens daily. Many people prefer to relax while watching TV or playing computer games and forget about the time. We do not think that our eyes need rest too. And even the safest screens can cause functional visual impairments. Every day a modern person uses a work computer, home laptop and smartphone. And all of this can harm our eyes.

Dental care
Medicine · 04. September 2020
The wisdom tooth is the third molar tooth, which appears later than the other teeth, and sometimes does not erupt at all. A person cannot have more than 4 wisdom teeth. The approximate age when tthese teeth grow is 18 - 27 years. They are called so because they begin to erupt in the period from ages 18 to 30. Scientists consider them a rudimentary organ that does not carry any functional load when chewing food. Usually impacted wisdom teeth, which grow horizontally in the jaw, cause discomfort....

Dental treatment in Kiev
Medicine · 19. July 2020
The wisdom tooth is the third molar tooth at the back of the mouth. Wisdom teeth appear later in life, and sometimes they do not erupt at all. A person cannot have more than 4 wisdom teeth. The approximate time when wisdom teeth growing begins at the age from 18 to 27. Scientists consider them a rudimentary organ that does not carry any functional load when chewing food. Usually discomfort is caused by wisdom teeth, which grow horizontally in the jaw. They do not have enough space to erupt, and...

Eye care in Kiev
Medicine · 18. March 2020
There are some eye diseases that develop imperceptibly but can lead to complete loss of vision. The example is glaucoma. This is a dangerous disease that can have bad consequences. If glaucoma is not treated on time, vision loss can be irreversible. So, the symptoms should not be ignored, and glaucoma treatment should be started as soon as possible.

Dental care in Kiev
Medicine · 11. March 2020
Absolutely all people are at risk of losing one or more teeth, and the reasons may be different. The older a person becomes, the more health problems he has. Besides, improper oral hygiene can also lead to the loss of teeth. Many people do not know that inflammatory diseases of the gums are very dangerous as well. These may include gingivitis and its more serious stage known as periodontitis, which is incredibly dangerous for the condition of the teeth.

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