The goal of rehabilitation services is to support people in recovery and help them return to independent and active life. Ukraine is home to hundreds of sanatoria and rehabilitation centers, located in resort areas or out of them, in districts with amazing climatic and landscape conditions, including the Carpathian mountains, the Black Sea and the Azov Sea coasts. A team of experienced physicians, therapists and nurses, the latest diagnostic techniques, and specialized rehab facilities ensure a comprehensive and successful therapy. In Ukrainian sanatoria and rehabilitation centers you will be able to improve your health, as well as to enjoy a good rest, due to the perfect combination of treatment and therapy with relaxation methods.  

Who needs rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is care for people who want to get back or improve abilities that they need for daily life. The most common causes include: 


• Cardiovascular diseases

• Cerebral palsy

• Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

• Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

• Endocrine diseases

• Respiratory organs and ENT organs

• Drug and alcohol addiction

• Diseases of the nervous system, borderline disorder


• Skin diseases

Rehabilitation in Ukraine

Looking for rehabilitation services abroad? Ukraine is the perfect destination for rehabilitation after injury, illness or surgery and for those who just want to improve their health. Choose your option:

Option 1

Drug and alcohol detox. Diseases of the nervous system, borderline disorder.

The cost of program goes from 1000 EUR. The price includes 3-day accommodation, meals and treatment. The cost of anti alcohol implant (for 12 months) is 1100 EUR

Option 2

Cerebral palsy.

The cost of children's program goes from 4454 EUR. In-patient treatment of children (to 18 years) with cerebral palsy includes 11 days of treatment of the child, 12 days of stay of the child and accompanying person in double room and 3 meals a day buffet for the child and accompanying person. The cost of adult's program goes from 3739 EUR. It includes outpatient treatment of an adult with cerebral palsy from the near abroad countries (11 days).

Option 3

Treatment of musculoskeletal system. Diabetes mellitus of type I-II. Urolithiasis. State of intervention on postoperative kidney. State after extracorporeal lithotripsy. Lithogenic diathesis. Urethritis. Vesiculitis. Impotence caused by chronic inflammation. Venereal disesases. Prostatitis. Hepatitis. Colitis. Cholecystitis. Pancreatitis. Gastritis. Duodenitis. Cystitis. 

The cost of program goes from 700 EUR per person or 1200 EUR per 2 perons. Price includes 10-day basic treatment, accommodation and  3-time meals at the resort complex with a medical center. Basic treatment includes diagnostics, medical procedures (mineral waters, baths, massage, etc.) and consultations.


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