Ukrainian borscht is ranked among the world's best soups

The world leader in online news and information CNN has compiled its own list of the 20 best soups from around the world, which also includes Ukrainian borscht. In addition to borscht, the CNN list includes Banga from Nigeria, Vietnamese beef pho, French bouillabaisse, Spanish gazpacho, Portuguese caldo verde, Gambo from the USA, Georgian kharcho, Chinese lanzhou beef noodle soup and others.

Ukrainian borscht
Image via Pixabay

"Chunks of tender beets swim in brilliant red broth for a soup that's beloved in Ukraine and across Eastern Europe. Often topped with a rich dollop of sour cream, borscht is anything but basic beet soup. It gets a tangy kick from kvass, a lacto-fermented beet juice that's another regional specialty," the author says.


Besides, it was also reported that borscht is sometimes attributed to Russian cuisine, but it's contested, and Ukrainian chefs participate in the campaign to get their version on UNESCO's World Heritage List.