Most common eye diseases: Eye care in Ukraine

There are many eye diseases. Young people often complain about dry eye syndrome, inflammation and visual impairment. Older people, in addition to the aforementioned diseases, suffer from cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Modern medicine has learned to successfully deal with most known eye diseases, but sometimes, when a person addresses his problem with a doctor too late, it can be powerless. Therefore, when you spot some symptoms, you should immediately consult an eye doctor (ophthalmologist). This will help to identify possible eye diseases at an early stage, which will greatly facilitate treatment and improve the prognosis.

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Myopia, also known as near-sightedness or short-sightedness, is a refractive anomaly of vision, when the eye does not bend or refract light properly, light does not focus correctly and images are not clear. With myopia, a person sees well near, but poorly distinguishes distant objects. In addition, his eyes quickly get tired due to overstrain of the eye muscles, twilight vision is impaired, and headaches appear. If you do not start wearing glasses or lenses in time, then visual acuity continues to fall.


Hyperopia, also known as far-sightedness or hypermetropia, is a violation of vision, in which images of objects are focused not on the retina, but behind it. With farsightedness, a person does not distinguish between objects that are close. In addition to impaired visual acuity with farsightedness, the following symptoms can occur: rapid eye fatigue, a feeling of pain and burning in the eyes, headaches. With a strong degree of farsightedness, the patient begins to see poorly both close and far located objects.

Dry eye

Dry eye syndrom, also known as xerophthalmia, is a condition when the surface of the conjunctiva and cornea is not sufficiently moistened due to changes in the quantity and quality of the tear fluid, as well as instability of the tear film. Xerophthalmia causes pain, burning and sand in the eyes, photophobia, lacrimation, intolerance to dusty and dry air, and the rapid onset of eye fatigue. Dry eye syndrome is treated with artificial tear preparations, as well as surgical treatment methods.


Glaucoma is a eye disease that can increase intraocular pressure, impair visual function, and damage the optic nerve. The main clinical symptoms of glaucoma are a feeling of heaviness, pain in the eyes, narrowing of the fields of vision, worsening of twilight vision. In severe cases, blindness may occur.


Cataract is a disease of the lens of the eye, caused by the loss of its natural transparency and clouding. Cataracts can lead to "foggy" vision, weakened perception of colors, deterioration of night vision, and increased sensitivity to bright light. Conservative treatment of the disease helps to slow the development of cataracts, but does not lead to a complete recovery. The only way to get rid of cataract is a surgery, during which the damaged lens is replaced with an intraocular lens.


Conjunctivitis is an inflammatory disease of the conjunctiva (the mucous membrane that covers the sclera and the inner surface of the eyelids). The disease has many causes. The main symptoms of conjunctivitis are itching and burning in the eyes, swelling and redness of the eyelids, lacrimation, purulent or mucous discharge from the eyes. The treatment of the disease usually includes medication, with the use of eye ointments, drops, conjunctival washing.

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