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Golden Gate in Kyiv
News · 14. October 2021
The Golden Gate of Kyiv got into the list of the 49 coolest neighbourhoods in the world, according to Time Out survey. Around 27,000 city-dwellers were polled and local experts were asked to rank the greatest places for food, fun, culture and community. The first place was taken by Nørrebro, located on the northern side of Copenhagen’s lakes. The area around the Golden Gate of Kyiv took the 16th place in this ranking.

Golden Gate metro station in Kyiv
News · 02. January 2020
On the last day of 2019, the Golden Gate metro station in Kyiv celebrated its 30th birthday. The station opened for passengers on December 31, 1989. In addition, it opened together with the "Palatz Sportu" and "Klovska". Thanks to its design, the station was ranked 11th in the ranking of the most beautiful stations in the world in 2011. A year later, it entered the list of 22 most beautiful metro stations in Europe.

Golden Date in Kyiv
Travel Guide · 06. August 2019
The Golden Gate in Kyiv is one of the main attractions of the historic district of Ancient Kyiv. This is an architectural monument of the defensive architecture of Kyivan Rus during the reign of Yaroslav the Wise. The Golden Gate in Kyiv is a truly unique construction and one of the few buildings of Kyivan Rus that has come to our days. As a part of National Sanctuary Complex "Sophia of Kyiv", the Golden Gate is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.