Kyiv Golden Gate metro station celebrates anniversary

On the last day of 2019, the Golden Gate metro station in Kyiv celebrated its 30th birthday. The station opened for passengers on December 31, 1989. In addition, it opened together with the "Palatz Sportu" and "Klovska". Thanks to its design, the station was ranked 11th in the ranking of the most beautiful stations in the world in 2011. A year later, it entered the list of 22 most beautiful metro stations in Europe.

Golden Gate metro station in Kyiv

Between the arches of the aisles, mosaic images of princes of Kyivan Rus, churches of Kyiv and complex ornaments are laid out on platforms. None of these mosaics are repeated. If you follow from arch to arch, you can trace who was the ruler of Kyiv from the XI to XIII century. Under each image there is an inscription with the name of the corresponding prince. Track walls of platforms are revetted with the combined elements from white-yellow marble. From the platform side, round brick inserts are made above the column capitals, in which candelabra lamps are placed. The walls of the walkways to both escalators are faced with white marble with brickwork, on the right wall from the exit to the city there is a bronze plaque about the opening of the station and the team of authors. Above the escalator portals are mosaic panels illuminated by lamps.