The first Balkan country has joined the campaign #CorrectUA. 


In 2018, The Ministry of Corrections of Correspondence of Ukraine launched the online campaign #CorrectUA, the aim of which is to communicate with the world mass media in order to correct the name of Ukraine’s capital (#KyivNotKiev).


The word ‘Kiev’ is most commonly used for the English name, but it is the Russian way of pronunciation which was spread during the Soviet period. According to the rules, the Ukrainian 'Київ' transliterates into Kyiv and used in all official documents issued by the governmental authorities since October 1995. 

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Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine informs on Twitter that one of the airports of Montenegro, Tivat Airport, corrected the name of the capital of Ukraine, as well as names of other Ukrainian cities  such as Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv and Zaporizhia: #KyivNotKiev, #OdesaNotOdessa, #LvivNotLvov, #KharkivNotKharkov, #Zaporizhia, #LvivNotLvov, #KharkivNotKharkov, #Zaporizhia, #LvivNotLvov, #KharkivNotKharkov, #LvivNotLvov.


Until now, 34 International airports from different countries have started using the correct names of Ukrainian cities.