The Chinese WayV band filmed a video in Kyiv

Ukraine has become a popular place for foreign music videos. The Chinese band WayV shot a video in Kyiv for the song 'Take off'. For the video, the band chose Podil area, the unfinished Podilsky-Voskresensky Bridge and Antonov's airplane hangar.


WayV is a new band founded in 2019. Their first mini-album ‘Take Off’ was released on May 9. At the same time the presentation of video for the song happened. Immediately after the release, the album took first place on iTunes in 26 countries around the world.


By the way, Eurovision winner 2018, singer from Israel Netta Barzilai, presented a video for the song Bassa Sababa, which was also filmed in Kyiv. In winter, French singer Vanessa Paradis released a video for the song ‘Kiev’ where she showed Kyiv Pechersk Lavra.


Many world-famous musicians are heading to Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine inspired by its unique mix of architecture that includes old-century, soviet and modern buildings which are used to form backdrops for the videos.  In recent years, plenty of music videos and commercials have been filmed in Ukraine that is considered to be the most popular European destination for video production.