Festival of retro cars in Kyiv

Today on 12 May, the 10th OLD CAR LAND festival is coming to an end in Kyiv. It’s taking place on the grounds of the State Aviation Museum. There are hundreds of rare and exclusive cars there.


The first festival OldCarLand was held on August 3, 2014 at the stadium of Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. More than 200 cars from all over Ukraine, including Soviet, German, American, English, French, Italian, and Czech models, were shown at the festival. But its highlight was Rolls-Royce Phantom II of the year 1929 brought from Zaporizhia. That was one of the most expensive cars of the exhibition. The festival also featured a renovated BMW-2000 of the year 1967 with an automatic transmission and the world’s most powerful Cadillac Eldorado cabriolet of the year 1972 with an engine capacity of 400 horsepower. 

Car festival in Kyiv

In 2015, the festival moved. The territory of State Aviation Museum covering 14 hectares has become the perfect place to host the festival. Since then, the event has been held twice a year, attracting more and more participants and visitors.