Kyiv best beaches in 2019

Summer is coming… Where to go swimming in and around Kyiv? The list of the best beaches and bodies of water recommended for rest and swimming in Kyiv has been prepared, Kyiv State City Administration informs. 

beaches in Kiev

So, experts recommend the following beaches in Kyiv:

  • Chortory - Dnieper River, near the park "Muromets";
  • Verbnuy – Verbne Lake, st. Pryozerna;
  • Pushcha-Vodytsya – Gorashchykha Pond, on the Koturka river, in Pushcha-Vodytysa (8th line);
  • Venice - the Strait of Venice, Dolobetskyi Island;
  • Children’s beach - the Strait of Venice, Venice Island;
  • Golden - the Dnipro river, Venice Island;
  • Youth - Desenka River, Dolobetskyi Island;
  • Predmostna Slobidka - the Dnipro River, Venice Island;
  • Rainbow – Rainbow Lake, st. Rayduzhna;
  • Telbin – Telbin Lake, Pavel Tychyna Avenue;
  • Central - the Dnipro river, Trukhaniv;
  • Veselka - Rusanivska Strait, st. Mykilsko-Slobidska;
  • Galernyi – Galerna Bay, st. Naberezhno-Korchuvatska;
  • Troyeshchyna – the Bay of the Desenka River, st. Honore de Balzac.

Officially, the beach season in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, will start when the water in the reservoirs will rise by 17°C degrees Celsius and workers of the Kiev laboratory center will be able to take water analyzes.