International Museum Day in Kyiv

Do you like visiting museums? There're plenty of interesting museums in Kyiv.


Today, Ukraine’s capital has joined the celebration of the International Museum Day. The program is approved by the Department of Cultural Affairs of the Kyiv State City Administration.

Museum in Kiev

17 May 18:30 - International Campaign ‘At the Museum’ (theatrical tour ‘Museum Treasury Guards’).

Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art Museum

17 May 17:00 – ‘Night at the Museum. Gogol’


Museum of Theatrical, Musical and Cinema art of Ukraine

18 May 16:00 - ‘Night at the Museum’, theatrical excursion


Literary-Memorial Museum of Mykhailo Bulgakov

18 May - 18th of June - the exhibition ‘Gayna Sevruk Graphic’


The Museum of the Sixties Museum

18 May 17:00 - New museum project ‘Grushevsky and Music’ presentation


Historical and Memorial Museum of Mykhailo Hrushevsky

18 May 17:00 - 'Night at the Museum'


Kyiv Museum Literary and Memorial Museum - Museum M. Zankovetskoi - viddil Museum of Theater, Music and Museum of Ukraine

18 May 16:00 – celebrations within the framework of the project 'Night at the Museum'


National History and Architectural Museum ‘Kyiv Fortress’

18 May 13: 00-18: 00 – ‘Cultural hub at the museum’ (games, master-classes)


Museum of History of Kyiv

18 May - 19 May - Special program dedicated tol the International Museum Day


Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko National Museum of Arts