Trukhaniv Island was declared reserved zone

What is the best place to explore nature in Kyiv? The territory of Trukhaniv and Mizhmostny islands is a perfect place for nature lovers. This area was declared a landscape reserve of local significance “Trukhaniv Island”.  It is reported by the Kyiv City State Administration press service.

Trukhaniv Island

"A landscape reserve with an estimated area of 27.44 hectares will be created without land acquisition from land users. These territories will be transferred to the protection of the municipal enterprise Darnytske Park and Forest Enterprise and the communal enterprise Pleso," the statement said.


It is noted that this decision will make it impossible to use the territory of the island for building and land improvement, and it will help preserve valuable natural complexes and representatives of island flora and fauna.


On the territory, which is included in the reserve zone, there are 14 lakes, deciduous forest, significant groups of rare plant and animal species that are included in the Convention on the Protection of Wild Flora and Fauna and Natural Habitats in Europe of September 19, 1979, the European Red List, The Red Book of Ukraine and other legislative acts.