Kyiv Fomin Botanical Garden is preparing for the anniversary

Kyiv Fomin Botanical Garden will be cleaned of garbage and modernized for the 180th anniversary. The garden will be updated due to the Ukrainian volunteer campaign. The central alley of one of the most popular Ukrainian botanical gardens is going to be equipped by the end of June, in accordance with ExpertTur

Magnolia in Kyiv Fomin Botanical Garden

Autonomous lighting will appear on its alleys - it is planned to install 23 solar-powered lamps. The large energy holding DTEK is engaged in the installation of “ecological” lanterns. The holding said that the installation of such "lights" will not only make the botanical garden more accessible, safer and more comfortable for visitors, but also will save quite a lot of money on electricity. According to DTEK, solar lights will allow Fomin Botanical Garden to save more than 50 thousand hryvnias annually. As part of the project on the garden’s improvement, its large-scale cleaning will be also done, however by volunteers within the Clean City campaign.


On the territory of the botanical garden, benches and garbage cans were painted, new garbage cans were installed, fresh plants were planted, and dry branches and other garbage were taken away. The campaign "Clean City" has been held annually in different localities of the country for the past seven years at the initiative of the energy holding. DTEK declares its desire to ensure that Kyiv is an environmentally friendly and comfortable city, in which all available modern technologies will be used. At the beginning, the campaign lasted only a day. But the company believes that the concept of the smart city, to which many megacities of the world aspire, begins with liitle things such as the cleaning of the territories and replacing of the old-style equipment with a new, environmentally friendly, powered by renewable energy sources.


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