Hot air balloon festival 2019 in Kyiv region

Hot air balloon festival will start on 25 May in Kyiv region. The new location of the KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center will host this great festival during which the opening of the first balloon drom in the world will take place. It will last 3 days. The opening of the first balloon drom in the world will also take place on these days. According to the organizers, the event will take place within "Mom, I'm at home" balloon festival. 

Hot air balloon in Kiev, Ukraine
Photo: balloonfest.com.ua

The festival organizers are going to launch about twenty hot air balloons. It’s a great event for all spectators who will have an opportunity to get unforgettable sight and experience, because each aircraft is above a five-story building. Festival participants will come from various corners of Ukraine. Professional crews will compete with each other as part of the Key Grab competition. Under the terms of the competition, pilots of balloons will need to fly as close as possible to a particular goal and leave a mark on it with a special marker.


And after sunset, an amazing view will impress the spectators – hot air balloons glowing against the night sky.


Those who are interested in balloon flights need to register and pay 2990 hryvnia. The number of places in the baskets is limited. The festival will be held in the village of Berezivka, in the Makarovsky district. To get to the location is not difficult - from Kyiv, the bus will go to Berezivka from the Zhytomyr metro station. Fare - 30 hryvnia, travel time - about 20 minutes. The official opening of the balloon drom and the launching of balloons will begin at 19:00.