Excavations in Poshtova Square have been recognized as a national monument

There is always something to see and do in Kyiv. Poshtova Square, also known as Postal Square, is worth a visit. This is one of the most ancient squares in Ukraine’s capital. Archeologists found the 4th century settlements here. The site of archaeological excavations on Poshtova Square received the status of a national monument, according to UATV.

Poshtova Square in Kyiv
Photo: uatv.ua

"Postal Square in the city of Kyiv is a unique center of Ukraine-Rus. The monument is extremely interesting and valuable from the archaeological and historical point of view, because these findings date back to the 10-11th centuries. These fragments of the streets of ancient Kyiv are signs of our ancient history. Since the moment the monument has been discovered, the Ministry of Culture has supported the initiative to grant this object the status of a national monument. From now on, "The area of the coastal city district of Medieval Kyiv" became a monument of archeology and history of national significance, "said Yevgeniy Nyschuk, the Minister of Culture.


The place of excavations has a historical and cultural value, and the artifacts provide an opportunity to learn more about the oldest pages of Ukrainian history.


Four years ago, archaeological excavations began in Kyiv on Poshtova Square. There, scientists found ancient structures and streets of the times of Kyivan Rus, as well as many ancient artifacts.


It was suggested to open a museum on site.