NY Times called Alyona Alyona one of the most exciting performers from Europe

The American magazine The New York Times called the Ukrainian hip-hop singer Allyona Alyona one of the most exciting in Europe. The magazine has included Alyona Alyona to the top 15 young artists of the European scene, which are surely worth attention.

Alyona Alyona
Photo: Instagram @alyona.alyona.official

By the way, the columnist Tadeus-Jones compared her to Azelia Banks. He also added that in Ukraine a huge popularity of hip-hop sing in Russian, but Alyona Alyona performs hip-hop in her native Ukrainian. And this makes her music original and original.


27-year-old Alyona Savranenko worked in a kindergarten. She devoted her free time to hip-hop. The first clip was the video for the song "Ribki", the video was released in mid-October last year. In April, she released her debut album “Pushka.”