An incredible ecopath in Holosiivskyi Forest

How do walks affect our body? What forest inhabitants’ tracks resemble yours? The ecopath, which opens in Holosiivskyi Forest (Golosiyivsky Forest) today, will provide answers to these and other questions with the help of infoboards, games and interactives, according to VechirniyKyiv. There you can take a walk with your friends, declare your love or stay alone with nature.


The project is called "Ecosystem of Holosiivskyi Forest", created with the support of IntertopUkraine in cooperation with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine.


The length of the city's first interactive ecopath in Ukraine is almost 3 kilometers. Only during an hour walk the visitor will have an opportunity to visit four types of forest: oak-hornbeam, beech, pine and black alder.


One of the gems of the ecosystem is the largest is an oak of the Holosiivskyi Forest. Its age is more than 400 years, and the diameter of the trunk exceeds 7 meters.


In addition, visitors will be able to learn more about the water ecosystem of the forest. The route will lead them to the Holosiivskyi creek and the Didorivka pond. By the way, the Kyivan park " Holosiivskyi ", where the ecopath is locted, is the only one in Ukraine and one of a few national parks in the world located within the metropolis.


Why to visit the Ecosystem of Holosiivskyi Forest? A ten-minute walk can relieve insomnia, and a 25-minute walk extends life by 3 to 7 years. More useful information on how walks affect the mood, mental ability and creative thinking can bee found on informationboards. Also, the visitor will receive some important tips on preserving nature. For example, the use of environment-friendly cleaning products will save the bodies of water from breathlessness, and the refusal to use plastic and polyethylene will save the planet.


"Ecosystems of Holosiivskyi Forest" is a perfect place for family walks. In educational and entertainment zones, there are many interesting activities  that will appeal to both adults and children. The visitor will be able to twist the "wheel of time" and find out what happens to forest grasses and trees in the spring, summer, autumn and winter, compare the swirling of their hands with the scope of bird wings, and their own tracks with traces of forest inhabitants.