Amazing flowers are blooming in Kyiv’s botanical garden

Peonies, tulip tree, cassia fistula, commonly known as golden shower, and many other wonderful flowers are flowering In Hryshko National Botanical Garden now, according to glavcom.ua.


The best varieties of peonies can be found in the section "Seasons". "Today, early classes of half-hybrids are blooming. In a few days, milk-flowered peonies will blossom", told the experts.

Peonies in Kyiv botanical garden
Photo: glavcom.ua

The exposition presents over 180 varieties of domestic and foreign selection of all garden groups of the peonies both in historical terms and at the level of modern achievements of world selection.


And on the section of magnolias a tulip tree is blooming now. "A fast-growing tree can reach 50 meters in height. The flowers have a sweet, pleasant scent and produce a lot of nectar. Liriodendron is considered to be the best honey producer in the eastern part of the United States," they say in the botanical garden.


Between the sections of magnolias and thermophilic plants, the bright red piracant is blossoming. "The evergreen shrub, 2.5-3 m high, is covered with bright red berries in the autumn. The European species, which have spread from Southern Europe to Western Asia, have been cultivated since the 16th century. Fruits are bitter and astringent, therefore inedible. But they can be used for the preparation of jelly, jam, sauce and marmalade. Seed is poisonous, since it contains cyanide glycosides. These shrubs have sharp thorns, tolerant to the conditions of the city. In the harsh winter, they freeze to the root, then quickly recover, "- said the experts of the garden.


The legumes in the arboretum are large trees, which start blooming gradually. But the flowering of each species becomes a vivid event. Now golden shower is flowering. It is naturally spread in Asia Minor and Southern Europe. "The flowers have a rather strong odor, this plant is a honey plant. All parts of the plant are poisonous, seeds contain alkocolids cytizin and laburnin. Cytysin is chemically similar to nicotine. During the First World War in Europe, the cigarettes were made of them", - said the expert.


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