One more bike path will appear in Kyiv

One more bicycle path will appear on Kyiv’s left bank, according to vgorode.ua. This was reported in the organization "Kiev - a bicycle city". The tender for the development of cycling tracks on Brovarsky Avenue has already been announced by Kyivavtodor. So, during the major repairs between the Left Bank area and the overpass, which is located at the beginning of Kyoto street, construction of special zones for cyclists will begin.


The path width will be 2.5 meters, and the length will be 3.8 kilometers. It will be made of sand-asphalt concrete cover, and next to it the appropriate signs, informing other participants about the purpose of the road, will be installed. On the cover, a plastic white marking with pictograms will be applied, while in the areas of potentially conflict zones red color will also be used.


Walking paths next to cycling paths will be paved with the decorative sidewalk tiles, which will better draw attention to the separation of zones.


By the way, this path refers to the cycling route "Voksresenka - the metro bridge - Center". It will also be connected with cycling paths on the new road from the DVRZ and in the park of Kyoto.