A monument to Hryvnia appeared in Kyiv

More and more new art objects are appearing in Kyiv. A new sculpture, which will decorate Ukraine’s capital, has become a monument to the Ukrainian monetary unit with the loud name “Hryvnia Almighty”, according to Informator. A huge coin on the pedestal was placed near one of the largest universities in Ukraine.

Hryvnia Monument in Kiev
Photo: informator.ua

The sculpture "Hryvnia Almighty" appeared near Kyiv National Economics University named after Vadym Hetman.


It is known that the art object cost 300,000 hryvnia and was created owing to the money of art patrons. On May 15 the journalist and presenter Andriy Pavlovsky informed about it. He noted that the necessary amount was collected by businessmen, students and even pensioners.


The production of the object made of brass and metal took more than a year. As planned, the coin should become a symbol of a strong Ukrainian economy and the flourishing of social and economic welfare. Also, the Hryvnia should say about positive changes and prosperity of Ukrainians.


And the place where the monument was installed wasn’t chosen by chance. After all, a lot of young people who study at the Economical University, will soon become the driving force of development and innovation.


The official currency of Ukraine is the Hryvnia (UAH). US dollars and Euros are the easiest currency to exchange in Ukraine. There are plenty of ATMs in almost all the big streets of Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities.