Kyivans will do exercises in Khreshchatyk

By the end of the year, Kyivans will have an opportunity to take part in sports dancing that will be held on Saturdays in Khreshchatyk street, according to the Kyiv City State Aministration. The campaign, which is aiming to promote the physical culture and sports, will start on June 1.

Zumba dancing Kiev

Professional trainers will carry out dance exercises that will cover the area from crossing of Khreshchatyk and Architect Horodetsky streets to the crossroads of Khreshchatyk and Bogdan Khmelnytsky Street. Anyone who wishes to join the event can do it.


Exercises will last from 12 to 22 hours. Join the event, and take part in master classes, which include Zumba Fitness, Tae Bo fitness, workout, etc!