Kyiv Color Run 2019

On June 2, Kyiv Color Run 2019 took place in Ukraine’s capital, according to Informator. There was only joy, fun and inspiration instead of winners and losers.

Kyiv Color Run 2019
Photo: informator.ua

At the beginning, all the runners looked the same: white T-shirts, leggings, shorts, and tags. When the festival officially started, thousands of grains of different colors flew up into the air, and there was a thick rainbow fog there. The children were happy that they could finally play around and get dirty, and the adults were happy that they could be children, carefree and playful for a while.


Kyiv Color Run 2019 is a holiday that has taken place in the capital since 2014, and every year it fills up its participants with positive, unforgettable emotions and a feeling of sincere happiness.