The oldest trees of Ukraine appeared on the map

The Kyiv Ecological and Cultural Center together with the online cartographic service Visicom Maps has created an online map of old trees of Ukraine, according to Agronews.


The map shows where the plants are located and also gives some information about them - it describes the state, age, height and features of each tree or bush.

old tees of Ukraine
Photo: agronews.ua

"We have marked more than 400 trees. The source of information, as noted above, has become our long-standing partners from the Kyiv Ecological and Cultural Center, who kindly provided us with the list. The list also includes trees, which began their life way in the days of the Kyiv Rus princes. In total in Ukraine there are 43 trees (dated 2009), which are older than 1000 years old. According to the unofficial Ukrainian tradition, it is mostly oak. And two were big during the life of Christ! Unfortunately, both trees are located on the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea, and the access to them is limited. It is about olive tree in the Nikitsky botanical garden and the juniper on the cape Sarych. In general, it should be noted that most of the oldest trees in Ukraine grow in the Crimea ", Visicom Maps report.


In 2009-2010, thanks to ecologists, the competition "National Tree of Ukraine" was held in Ukraine. As a result, the seventeen oldest and most prominent trees on the territory of Ukraine were awarded the special title. In addition, it has made it possible to draw the attention of the public to such an incredibly important factor as the status of a tree. It became known before the principle of "legacy", the provision of which allowed to take trees under state protection and, even theoretically, to protect against cutting.

In total, ecologists say that there can be about 2,600 officially trees worthy of “legacy” status in Ukraine. However, 20% of them can be rejected, because they could die.


Kyiv is the champion in the competition for the preservation of tree-witnesses, tree-symbols, as it has about 350 trees. Lviv and Ternopil regions follow the capital (200). The third place belongs to Vinnytsya, Chernihiv, Khmelnytsky and Cherkasy regions.