Huge swarms of butterflies in Ukraine

In early June, huge swarms of butterflies came to Ukraine, according to change.ua. This species is migratory. Its Latin name is Vanessa cardui.


"Until recently, these" tourists "have seen the landscapes of North Africa, and now travel north in order to come back to Africa in autumn", the Ministry of Environmental Protection explained.

Butterfly in Ukraine
Photo: Valentyna Vzdulska / changeua.com

These butterflies fly huge distances (up to 500 km per day), and the average speed of their movement is 50 km / h. In winter these insects stay in the north of Africa or in the Middle East. There, they lay eggs, after which the annual life flight of butterflies ends.


These insects of the new generation are gathering and, for the unknown human science, calling for nature, return for several thousand kilometers to Ukraine and other northern European countries.


This year, like the previous one, due to the short spring the butterflies laid eggs almost simultaneously in the first day, when the weather was fine. As a result, all caterpillars developed rapidly in May, transformed into pupae and hatched as well at the same time, after the first summer rain. That's why we can watch huge flocks of orange-black flyers now.


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