A new tourist route will be developed in accordance with "Chernobyl" series locations

Chernobyl is a must-visit place in Ukraine. Every year Chernobyl attract a big number of adventurous travelers from all over the world. 


A meeting with tour operators was held at Kyiv City State Administration, during which the project of creating a new tourist route along the locations of “Chernobyl" mini series filming was discussed. This is reported on the Facebook Tourism Management and Promotion page of Kyiv City State Administration.


It should be noted that the ideas about the possibility of creating several routes - from short to longer - were discussed. The routes should cover the location of mini-series filming in Kyiv and in the Chernobyl zone, where guides will share interesting stories about the shooting of the mini series and some information about the location.


"We will go to the press tour for tourist organizations in Chernobyl together with the real participants of the events and visit the most interesting places that will enter the tourist route. And next week we are planning a new meeting with tour operators to discuss new ideas and develop scenario of routes ", as it was said in a statement.


As previously reported, Chernobyl HBO series provoked a tourist boom in Chernobyl. Do you also want to visit Chernobyl? Contact us if you are looking for a tour to the Chernobyl zone.