Dental Implantation in Ukraine

One of the key tasks of today’s dentistry is finding the best solution for replacing lost teeth. Removable partial denture, removable complete denture, fixed bridge, and dental implant are used for this purpose. The dental implant option is known as the best available option for teeth replacement. However, a patient should investigate carefully before choosing the one that best suits his specific needs, as every option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Teeth implants in Kiev

Advantages of dental implants

• It doesn’t feel like a foreign body in the oral cavity

• It has a natural look

• Implant can last a lifetime

• There is a lack of inconvenience when eating

• There is a significant reduction of the risk of bone tissue atrophy in the area of an absent tooth.


In other words, dental implants look and feel like natural teeth. They do not need to be removed, rinsed, smeared with fixing creams, and so on. Older people, like in their youth, can eat, talk and smile freely. The dental implant is made of titanium and is characterized by a very high strength.

What does the implant consist of?

Implantation of the teeth implies the placement of the implant - an analog to the tooth root made of titanium according to special standards - into the bone tissue of the jaw. It consists of three components:


• A titanium screw or cylinder that should be installed into the jaw bone.

• Abutment that is the upper part of the system. It protrudes above the gum and serves as a support for a crown or prosthesis. The beauty of your future smile depends on how well the abutment is placed. To make an artificial tooth even helps a temporary abutment, known as a gum former.

• Crown that is the outer part securely fixed on the abutment.

How much do dental implants cost?

The cost of the procedure is available to a wide range of patients. Investing in health is the most reliable investment. Caring for the condition of the teeth increases the quality of life, helps to feel young and self-confident.


The price depends on two parameters:

• Producer of dental implant system

• The material from which the crown is made

Dental implant history

You may be surprised, but a dental implant isn’t a new thing. In fact, it has been used for thousands of years. Its history goes back to ancient China, where carved bamboo pegs were used to replace missing teeth 4000 years ago. An Egyptian king had a copper peg put into his upper jaw bone 3000 years ago. Years passed, dentists tried various techniques and different materials. In 1952, an orthopaedic surgeon Branemark discovered these special properties of titanium and soon placed his first titanium dental implant. 


Our dental clinic in Kyiv offers affordable teeth implants, the price of which goes from 500 USD per all-inclusive dental implant. There is a range of dental implant systems we use. It includes H-dent (Israel), ICX-Implant (Germany), K3pro implants (Germany), and Bicon (USA). Dental implantation in Ukraine is safe and affordable. Contact UA Destination to learn more about dental implant surgery in Kyiv.