Kyiv has hit the TOP-15 cities of the world with the largest traffic jams

A huge number of cities in the world are crowded with cars, especially in metropolitan areas and large cities. Car drivers have to stay idle for several hours in traffic jams, while to use public transport instead of cars, only a few are ready. The capital of Ukraine, took the 13th place in the rating, according to Informator.

Kyiv traffic jam
Photo: informator.ua

TomTom company has published data of the annual Traffic Index 2018 survey, which covered 403 cities in 56 countries around the world. The leader in the ranking is Mumbai, India with a 65% load. The second and third places aree occupied by Bogotá, Colombia and Lima, Peru - 63 and 58% respectively.


Kyiv occupied the 13th place, with a traffic load of 46%. This indicator grew by 2% compared with the result of 2017. On average, for a 30-minute ride in peak hours (morning and evening), drivers spend about an hour because of traffic jams. In April 2018, roads were as free as possible. That day the level of load was 6%. The maximum level of traffic jams was noted on March 1, 2018 with a traffic load of 107%.


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