Low-cost bus company FlixBus has entered Ukraine

Traveling to Ukraine is cheap and easy now. A representative office of FlixBus, a European bus transport operator, which offers travel through Europe at the best prices, has been opened in Ukraine.

FlixBus in Ukraine

Ukrainian tourists as well as foreign travellers will get an opportunity to come to or from Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria at democratic prices. First, only 5 major Ukrainian cities - Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa and Lviv - will be connected with Europe by bus routes. In the future, the operator plans to expand the network to smaller Ukrainian cities. By the way, the company is going to operate domestic trips in Ukraine, as well as international.


‘You are one of the fastest growing European countries,’ said Michał Leman, CEO of FlixBus in Poland and Ukraine. ‘Flixbus is represented in 29 countries, Ukraine is 29th, 17 offices around the world, and 17 opened in Kyiv.’


Flixbus announced the sale of tickets, following the start of operating in Ukraine. They can be purchased at a price of 5 to 15 euros, if they are reserved until 10:00 on June 13. The sale is valid for trips from June 11 to September 30.