A new exhibition of contemporary art opens in the building of the River Station

Kyiv can offer a lot of interesting things to do. On June 15, in the "Art Space Bay", located at the River Station, a new exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian artists ARTEFACT ART-Bay will be opened, according to BigKiev.

modern art exhibition in Kyiv
Photo: bigkiev.com.ua

Such creators as sculptor Alexander Milov, graphic artist Maxim Rybalko, sculptor and artist Ruslan Kalmykov, artist Natalya Steshenko, Marina Koval, Anastasia Merezhko, Lidia Matvienko and others will show their works.


One of the central art objects will be the version of the spatial composition "Tunnel Syndrome" by Alexander Milov, an Odesa sculptor who created the legendary "Love" sculpture for Burning Man 2015.


‘A mobile phone is the culmination of human thought and modern technology. It is the portal from which the world penetrates into us and we penetrate into the world. It is creative or destructive, it depends only on our interests and desires. We keep it in our hands as a personal door to paradise, the key to which is faith in ourselves. Only this faith distinguishes the creator from the consumer,’  Milov said it about his art object that is a metal cage curved in the form of a human figure with a sword, in dark circular glasses, with wings behind his back, a nimbus on his head, and a mobile phone in his hands. The keyhole is located on the visible side of the mobile.

Modern art exhibition in Kyiv
Photo: bigkiev.com.ua

The exhibition will last until July 15. The entrance is free.