The museum of Kyiv will show shades of black in art

Thinking what the best things to do in Kyiv? If you love art, you have a great chance to visit a unique exhibition. The Museum of the History of Kyiv presents a joint art project of Ukrainian artist Tatiana Korol and Lebanese sculptor Nabil Vekhbe "Triumph of Black Colors", according to VechirniyKyiv.

Art in Kiev

In accordance with the European tradition black color is considered a color of sorrow. But, for example, in Japan black is a color of experience. Black is often associated with an unpleasant emotional load, and at the same time, with its help we can demonstrate power, elegance and sophistication. The purpose of the art project is to show, with the works of two artists, that the black color is in fact a color of greatness, aristocracy and nobility. Black is the color of self-expression. Its mystery lies in the fact that being, at first glance, simple, it is deep and many-sided. Exactly this is demonstrated by Tatiana Korol and Nabil Wehbe's works.


About 15 paintings and 15 sculptures are interlinked to each other, turning into a powerful emotional surge. And thanks to a special game of light, each guest of the art project will be able to see in the works of the artists "his" black. Nabil Vekhbe and Tatiana Korol created an absolute visual dialogue between the artist and the world through their works, because for them art is a mirror of the soul, which reflects feelings and ideas without a border.


Date: 22 - 30 June.

Address: Museum of History of Kyiv, Bohdan Khmelnytsky Str., 7.