The Mariinsky Park invites you to enjoy French jazz

The favorite musical outdoor playground of Kyiv traditionally invites the best jazz musicians from France, who then will perform at the Leopolis Jazz Fest, according to VechirniyKyiv.

Jazz in Kyiv

One day, the restless traveler Reno Garcia-Fons (a French contrabass player and producer called "Paganini of Contrabass". He added the fifth string to the instrument and thereby opened up new opportunities for performing skills) could return to his hometown, Paris. Here, at the meeting place for artists of all nationalities, the French-Spanish contrabass player is devoting his new album "La vie devant soi", which has been called as the famous work of Romain Gary, that tells us about "this unusual connection between a small Arabian orphan and a Jewish mother."


To realize this project, Renzo Garcia-Fons has invited David Veniutucci (accordion) and Stefan Karachchi (vibraphone and percussion), two accomplices in creative quest and experimentation. They had the idea of "creating a kind of chamber music, playing together, looking for nuances, texture of sounds, starting with acoustics." The result of creative collaboration is eleven Parisian sketches resembling Prevera, Duane or Michel Simon, from restless Montmartre to the nostalgic elegance of the Seine Quay . A journey between grove and poetry, ridicule and nostalgia ... the Ode to man.


Concert by Renault Garcia-Fons "Revoir Paris" (France).

Date & Time: June 24th at 19:30.

Address: Summer Place "Muschel" of the Mariinsky Park.

Free entrance.