Street food festival in Kyiv

Kyiv will host a festival of street food devoted to Japanese culture, according to BigKiev. On June 22-23, the Ulichnaya eda TOKIO DRIFT Festival, dedicated to contemporary Japanese culture, will take place at the Art-Plant "Platform" in Kyiv. 

Festival in Kyiv
Photo: bigkiev.com.ua

The program of the event will include the following: drift; 55 points of a food court with rolls; technological children's area; cyberpunk: VR-Zone, Sega and Sony Playstation, Dance Dance Revolution; "Japanese Mother" is a live show where tights will be put on the faces, breaking raw eggs with heads and walking on mousetrap; first speakeasy-karaoke bar with red track and security in fashionable glasses; Vasabi, Forsazh and My Neighbor Totoro in the open-air cinema. On June 23, with the presentation of the new song on the stage, the Ukrainian group "Agon" will perform.


Date: 22-23 June.

Address: Art-Plant "Platform", Bilomorska Street, 1.