Do you like yoga? Do you know that June 23 is an international yoga day? On June 23, the Pushkin Park invites everyone to join yoga sessions, according to Informator.  

Yoga in Kiev
Photo: informator.ua

Why not take care of your health this day, spread your shoulders, close your eyes and breathe deeply into the clean air? Say good-bye with disturbing and sad thoughts to singing wild birds and do it all without leaving the city. There will be two sessions - at 08:00 and at 19:00, so that you can choose time based on the features of your body. To attend, you need to register and take a rug for yoga. And all the funds raised will be transferred to the cat's treatment in the shelter.


Address: Pushkin Park, Victory Avenue (between Shuliavska and Polytechnic Institute metro stations).


Date & Time: June 23, at 08:00 and at 19:00.

Price: charitable contribution (not less than 100 hryvnias).